Please read the additional infomation, the conditions
The prices listed are applied per night for a minimum stay of 7 nights and for the number of persons mentioned. The prices include the use of the apartment for the arranged number of persons, heating, water, electricity. The local tax (1,55 Euro per night and person up from 14 years) is to pay in place and is not included in the price.

Short stay – weekend
For short stays till 6 nights prices on request. We reserve us the right to replace the booked apartment with an equivalent one.

will become definitive by a written reservations and a deposit as a confermation for each apartment. The deposit ammounts to 30% of total price agreed.

Cancellation of booking
1.1. The Service Provider‘s cancellation terms are applied. The right of withdrawal as laid down in the Consumers’ Code is not contemplated (Notification pursuant to Part III, Section III, Paragraph I of Italian Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 Consumers Code) however, we are willing to apply the following conditions for withdrawal:
1.2. All cancellations must be communicated to the Service Provider in writing.
1.3. The guest may withdraw from the booking contract up to 90 days before the agreed date of arrival without stating any reason and without being subject to any penalties.
2. Apart from the provisions stipulated in art. 1.3., the guest shall be entitled to withdraw from the booking contract but obliged to pay the following cancellation fee:
– 30% of the total package booked if cancelled up to 29 days before the scheduled arrival. The deposit will not be returned.
– 100% of the total package booked if cancelled within 28 days before the scheduled arrival
– 100% of the total package booked at delayed arrival or earlier departure or if the guest does not arrive at all.
3. If a booking is cancelled as stipulated in art. 1.3, the Service Provider returns the advance payment to the guest’s account, provided that the guest is entitled to a refund as stipulated in art. 1.3.
4. If a booking is cancelled 29 days before the scheduled arrival or later, the Service Provider shall then be entitled to demand payment of 100% of the remaining amount from the guest as stipulated in art.2.
Travel insurence
What if something happens that prevents you from starting your holiday, or obliges you to return home prematurely? Take advantage of the proposed cheap travel insurance .Up from 15,00 € you can protect yourself against cancellation charges. We will take care of the arrangements. Prerequisite for the exemption of the cancellation fees, is the deposit of the required documents and their recognition by the insurance.
Click here for information about your deposit or exemption from penalty charges.

Payments: Please pay the rest of the amount at your arrival or transfer the money before your arrival

Since July 2005 it is forbidden to smoke in all public places. We kindly ask you not to smoke in the apartments. During smoking on the balcony or terrace please close doors and windows to prevent smoke in the apartments.

Arrival and Departure
At arrival all the persons, who access the apartments, must produce a valid identification document, for the purpose of registration of their data and period of journey, by law. Therefore the access to the apartments is allowed registered and paying guest only. The apartment is available on arrival day up from 17.00 (or earlier by telephone arrangement) and must be vacated on the departure day by 9.30am, following an inspection of the apartment.

Not allowed


Terms of use of WiFi
1) Also the Internet is regulated by law. It is important to follow the rules that allow to use the Internet for a joint interaction. Take your time to read these terms of use.

2) This wireless network (WLAN) is our initiative to allow our customers to access to the Internet. We try to make the WLAN – service more reliable and secure as possible.
Although we remind you that the installation and use of Wi-Fi are at your own risk. We give no guarantee of availability and security, and we do not assume any responsibility for any damages.

3) Data transmitted in WLAN can be visible and accessible by other users. Who uses open networks or connect his device, runs the risk that the latter could be manipulated. We do not assume any responsibility for attacks from the Internet or the WLAN.
We suggest to protect your device with suitable tools such as firewalls and anti-virus.

4) We reserve the right to discontinue the Wi-Fi service at any time and for any reason without prior notice and to filter automatically the access to the Internet for political protection of minors.

5) The use of the Internet must comply with the laws of the Italian State. In case of violation, all the necessary data will be reported to the authority.

6) Before using the system, you must ensure, that the device is compatible with the services offered. We do not provide any software, device, or system settings.

7) To use these services, you need to buy a “ticket for internet”. The data from the login page will be transmitted in encrypted form. For all other compounds, we recommend appropriate encryption methods (e.g. VPN, SSL) and security software (such as antivirus and firewall software).

8) We do not assume any responsibility for the illegal activities conducted through the WLAN

9) The performance and internet connection cannot be guaranteed. We do not assume any responsibility for temporarily altered connections.

10) We do not assume any responsibility for problems arising from the use or non-use of the WLAN.

11) Even if only one of these conditions should be ineffective, the remaining parts will remain valid.

12) Using the obtained credentials – username and password – you accept the terms and conditions listed above. TOP